1. Cold Drinks, Hot Dreams
    Atrás del Cosmos

  2. Turzets
    James Rushford

  3. The Shadow Ring (1992-2002)
    The Shadow Ring

    Charlemagne Palestine

  5. Live on KFJC
    The Shadow Ring

  6. Turning in Space
    Áine O'Dwyer

  7. City Lights
    The Shadow Ring

  8. Put the Music In Its Coffin
    The Shadow Ring

  9. Solo for Tamburium
    Catherine Christer Hennix

  10. Neo Seven

  11. Aphorisms
    Graham Lambkin

  12. The Cat & Bells Club
    The Cat & Bells Club

  13. Larynx
    Lary 7

  14. May 99
    Charles Curtis, Alan Licht, and Dean Roberts

  15. New Sense of Hearing
    Takehisa Kosugi + Akio Suzuki

  16. Cantegral Segment(s)
    Jerry Hunt

  17. Cartography
    Gene De Lisa, Robert Michael Keefe, Rodney Waschka II

  18. Hybrid Musics
    Larry Austin

  19. Music of BL Lacerta
    BL Lacerta

  20. Music of Dary John Mizelle
    Dary John Mizelle

  21. Texas Music
    Jerry Hunt, Philip Krumm, Jerry Willingham

  22. Works
    James Fulkerson

  23. Irida Records: Hybrid Musics from Texas and Beyond, 1979–1986
    Various Artists

  24. Ground: Five Mechanic Convention Streams
    Jerry Hunt

  25. Amateur Doubles
    Graham Lambkin

  26. Poem (For Voice & Tape)
    Graham Lambkin

  27. Salmon Run LP
    Graham Lambkin

  28. Softly Softly Copy Copy
    Graham Lambkin

  29. Organic Music Theatre: Festival de jazz de Chateauvallon 1972
    Don Cherry's New Researches featuring Naná Vasconcelos

  30. The Summer House Sessions
    Don Cherry

  31. Blues Alif Lam Mim
    Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage

  32. Solos
    Graham Lambkin

  33. Music for Cello and Humming
    Judith Hamann

  34. Shaking Studies
    Judith Hamann

  35. Unbegrenzt
    Catherine Christer Hennix

  36. Customer's Copy
    Exotic Sin

  37. Fast Edit
    Still House Plants

  38. Axis/Another Revolvable Thing
    Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit

  39. Axis/Another Revolvable Thing 1
    Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit

  40. Axis/Another Revolvable Thing 2
    Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit

  41. Songs From the Shore

  42. Live
    Patty Waters

  43. The Deontic Miracle: Selections from 100 Models of Hegikan Roku
    Catherine Christer Hennix

  44. April is the cruellest month
    Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit

  45. Selected Early Keyboard Works
    Catherine Christer Hennix

  46. Petra
    Maryanne Amacher

  47. Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations Vol. 10
    Loren Connors

  48. The Wolf Has Come Down from the North
    Graham Lambkin & Joe McPhee

  49. Earth to Momma

  50. STTT THOMASSS ‘’’’”‘” DINGGGDONGGGDINGGGzzzzzzz ferrrr TONYYY’’’’’’’’
    Charlemagne Palestine


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